We are THE best source for
Idaho Star Garnets you will find...

Idaho is the ONLY place on Earth that you can find gem-quality Star Garnets.

Yes... Wallace, Idaho really is located at the center of the Universe. If you think not, just try to prove it otherwise. It says so in Wikipedia. Wallace has its own mystical manhole cover and GPS Waymark and even got featured in Mentalfloss.com. Read the Mayor's Proclamation HERE.
The "Rock Stars" of Johnson's Gems
Over 20 display cases overflowing with treasures

Located in historic downtown Wallace, Idaho, Johnson's Gems & Collectibles is a rare find indeed.

Johnson's Gems is much more than a gem and mineral store, with a full lapidary shop and three jewelers on staff. JG can repair your jewelry or make custom jewelry for you onsite, usually within days.

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Johnson's Gems
524 Bank Street, Wallace, ID

Mon., Weds. & Thurs 9:30-5:00
Fri.: 9:30 - 6:00 • Sat.: 8:30 - 6:00
Sunday: 8:30 - 6:00 • Closed Tuesdays

The Largest Gem & Mineral Store
in the Inland Northwest

Located at the Center of the Universe


Johnson's Gems has three jewelers on staff. They can design and custom make jewelry in-house. Our jewelers can also clean, repair, and reset gems.

We have over 10,000 faceted stones to choose from. Custom designs are our specialty.

Dad at bench

Dad working on a custom Star Garnet ring.

There is something for everyone at Johnson's Gems. You don't have to be a rockhound or collector to love this store... but it sure wouldn't hurt.


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